Through innovation we are able to drive eye care provision to the next level


We understand that what delivers a great service is the support around it, and through developing innovative technologies we can evolve our services to continually exceed our patients, customers and stakeholders expectations.

Our IT solutions deliver a significant improvement in the way both clinicians and patients are supported and has been designed using the following principles:

  • Patients are in control of their ‘journey’ and the information they choose to share
  • Clinicians are supported in delivering standardised care to patients
  • Tracking of the patient through their journey
  • Data collection allowing for demand management and disease prevalance
  • Allowing for patients to be seen in familiar community clinics without a reduction in care
  • Reduction in time to care

The Evolutio Application


Evonnect is the new application from Evolutio, available for download for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. The app houses our technology and includes eRefer, eValuate, eGuide, and eScreen,


eRefer provides optometrists with bespoke referral software, including an enhanced decision support tool, to ensure that patients are seen in the right location, at the right time and by the right clinician.


eScreen enables the accurate assessment of a person’s vision function in a real world environment for corporate eye screening, school screening, and district nursing, and patient remote monitoring.


eGuide facilitates the transmission of an OCT to a remote clinician to interpret and provide guidance on how to manage the patient. Our remote clinicians have the ability to review and manipulate the OCT ‘b scans’.


Bespoke proprietary ophthalmology telemedicine software (eValuate) that enables a virtual clinic for triage decision making activity. eValuate also enables ophthalmology real-time oversight of each visit record, diagnostic results and outcome.

Your security and data protection is paramount