eVonnect provides optometrists with bespoke referral software, including an enhanced decision support tool, to ensure that patients are seen in the right location, at the right time and by the right clinician.



Is your patient within an Evolutio Serviced CCG

How to refer


Should I refer through evolutio?


If a CCG has contracted evolutio to manage the ophthalmology referral process within its locality, it is highly recommended that you refer directly to evolutio rather than via the patient’s GP. Referring via the GP increases workload on an already stretched GP service and often adds unnecessary delays to your patient’s care.

For a patient to be eligible to be processed through evolutio, the patient’s GP must be within an area where evolutio is contracted. You can check if a patient’s GP is within our contracted areas by clicking below, or if you use eRefer to refer you will be notified immediately when you enter the patient’s GP details into the referral.


My patient is eligible, now what?


If your patient’s GP is within a contracted area then you can send the referral to us by fax, email or by downloading eVonnect for free.

Fax: 0333 2407729



Why might my referral be returned to me?


We require a minimum amount of data to progress a referral and ensure that your patient is accepted into secondary care. If for any reason we need to return a referral to you for amendments we will return it to you by post or via eRefer depending on how you submitted the referral. Click the button below to read our ‘Good Referral Guide’.


What happens once we receive a referral?


Once you’ve sent your referral to us we will process it within our set SLAs. Each CCG mandates differing timeframes for the various referral reasons and urgency gradings. All patients that pass through our system are offered a call with our patient services team to have an in depth choice discussion, including details on ‘time to care’, location and access.


Where do we send a referral?


Once we have processed your patient’s referral we will send it on to an appropriate care provider. If we do not speak with your patient we will send the referral to the nearest, most appropriate, care provider to your patient’s home address. Please note that a different care provider may be closer to your patient’s home address, but it may be that they cannot service the referral for a myriad of reasons, therefore the referral may be sent elsewhere.

You can contact our referral management team between

9am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday on 0203 7807860

to discuss your patient’s referral.

If you are using eRefer for your referrals you are able to log in at any point in time and view the current status and the history of the referral, including the secondary care provider selected, including when and how the referral was received.

Our focus is your patient

The evolutio eCare Affiliate Programme

eCare provides high street optometry practices with the ability to offer an innovative medical eye service which was previously unavailable, thus empowering your patients to take control of their eye health.