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Do you have to be able to upload photos and or field results to your software? Many practices do not have a field machine linked to their IT system. Unless you are able to provide tablets to take a photo of the field plot, it will be a time consuming process to get the field plot onto the system.

It is possible to set-up a network folder that stores images taken that can be easily searched for when attaching an image into eVonnect, our IT platform. It may be worth discussing this with your IT lead or provider. If you are unable to connect or network your equipment, then…

If we are a provider and have IT issues i.e. with the Firewall, do you provide any equipment such as a tablet to allow access to your IT platform for running the service?

Unfortunately, not. We would expect those providing the service to work with their IT provider to ensure that our eVonnect platform can be downloaded without issue. Otherwise, you can purchase an Amazon Fire Tablet (or similar) starting from around £80 and use via WIFI within your practice.

Do I need an account to participate in the service?

No, you do not need to have an account to take part in the service. As a provider, you will be using our own software (eVonnect) which sits behind the safety of the NHS N3 network.

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