Our referral support service supports our wider system to plan, direct and optimise the most appropriate services for patients, whilst reducing the variability in the referral process and improving the outcome and experience for patients.

In addition to the management of demand from primary care, our eCare Community Ophthalmology Service supports the safe transfer and provision of sustainable care in the community for a range of ophthalmic conditions, enabling hospital eye services to treat patients requiring high end specialist care. This enables the finite number of consultant ophthalmologists are used effectively and cost efficiencies across the local healthcare economy are realised.

Our services provide the quality framework to accept, triage, assess, diagnosis, treat and manage more patients in the community under the supervision of a consultant ophthalmologist, enabling better utilisation of clinical resource across the local healthcare economy. Understanding the local health needs is a fundamental principle of our services and we will work collaboratively with our clients and key stakeholders to implement optimal ophthalmology pathways. Through the implementation of our service, your healthcare economy will realise a number of benefits including:

  • More effective use of clinical resource

  • Improvements in service quality

  • Reduction in false positive referrals

  • Improved appropriateness of care (right care, right place, right time)

  • Provision of high quality, patient centric care

  • Reduced waiting times and DNA rates

  • Value for money

  • Enhanced patient safety

  • Implementation of an electronic shared care record

  • Convenient and accessible care closer to home

  • Introduction and utilisation of innovative technologies

  • Interoperability between community optometrists and primary/secondary care services

  • Virtual OCT clinics and home monitoring apps for smartphones and tablets

Referral Management

With a strong focus on community care, enabling of health, independence and wellbeing and care closer to home, there is an opportunity for Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Private Medical Insurance providers to redesign and integrate current ophthalmology services.

With increasing use of new technologies, many administrative functions can be centralised without loss of quality. In addition, through the implementation of evidence-based practice, patient pathways will be streamlined with a focus on providing care in the community, leading to improved clinical outcomes and patient experience.


“Evolutio bring over 6 years, 190,000 referrals & 25,000+ community appointments worth of experience”


Evolutio offer a cost effective referral management gateway with central administrative support and managed clinical networks for patients with common ophthalmology conditions. Through a sustainable and integrated model to enhance the quality of care for patients and overall patient experience, Evolutio drive effectiveness and efficiency throughout the patient journey by reducing fragmentation of care, enhancing the integration between primary, community and secondary care and reducing the number of avoidable follow up appointments in hospital.

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eValuate Virtual Clinics

Referrals / Clinical cases are reviewed and validated against accredited algorithms by a network of suitably qualified local clinicians in line with agreed clinical pathways and all referral decisions are made in accordance with patient choice directives. Appropriate pathways are used and patients are directed to the most appropriate service for their condition, ensuring the most effective utilisation of service provision within a locality.

Unique to Evolutio, the service uses peer-validated a bespoke clinical decision making piece of proprietory software, eVlauate, and enables a significant proportion (up to 31%) of cases to be managed within a community setting that would have previously been referred to secondary care.

The service will subsequently provide feedback or seek clarity with the referrer for any apparently inappropriate or incomplete referrals.


“Evolutio eValuate users can view and manipulate images remotely, processing one referral every 3 miutes”


eValuate is an integral part of the evolutio cloud platform operating under the NHS compliance levels and the high encryption security levels evolutio relies on to deliver all NHS care technology services.

  • ISO 9000
  • IG Level 2
  • AES 256 Encryption

eValuate provides a closed loop interaction in real time for the remote diagnosis and management of all or some of the cases seen by disparate junior clinician’s, without high reliance on infrastructure including high licence costs of medical equipment software.

Patient Services

The Evolutio Patient Services Team (PST) is instrumental in the provision of an exemplary patient experience whilst the patient is under our care. The Patient Services Team are commonly the first point of contact for a patient being referred for an ophthalmology appointment.

Patients are frequently anxious when being referred, and can find the process confusing, being uncertain as to why they are being referred, and how serious their condition may be. It is paramount that patient’s feel re-assured when they speak with Patient Services, with a sense that we are operating with their best interest at the heart of everything we do.




The Patient Services Team are knowledgeable and experienced in handling patients concerns and questions, and have overall responsibility for ensuring patients are effectively, securely, safely and efficiently referred on to the most appropriate care provider for their condition.

The Patient Services Team’s core responsibilities are:

  • First Point of Contact for the patient, ensuring they are treated as individuals with courtesy and respect
  • Answering any questions patient’s may have relating to our service, or putting them in contact with the appropriate person
  • Discussing the patient’s choice of care provider and referring their care on to the correct service
  • Ensure that patients have all the relevant details of their future care provider/appointment with a clear understanding of what happens next.
  • Providing reassurance to nervous or unsure patients
  • Resolving concerns or complaints at first point of contact where possible

NHS Integration

There is now a national drive by NHS England to ensure that all referrals from primary care are made electronically by 2018 through the use of NHS e-Referral with the aim of increasing efficiency through the appropriate use of technology.

Emerging research undertaken by the National Audit Office (NAO) reveals that patients are 50% less likely to miss their hospital appointment if they have chosen the date themselves. Reducing missed appointments allows more patients to be seen and leads to significant financial savings for the HES.


“Enabling 100% of referrals to access secondary care throgh E-RS”


Our referral support service is fully integrated with NHS e-Referral, allowing our dedicated Patient Services team to discuss with the patient an appropriate date, time and location for their appointment and then manage the booking to provider sites via NHS e-Referral. This fully supports the national drive towards digitisation, care closer to home and the core constitution of offering patient choice.

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