eGuide facilitates the transmission of an OCT to a remote clinician to interpret and provide guidance on how to manage the patient.

Optometrists will be well positioned and able to manage OCT without any perceived risks associated with understanding the results thanks to a new Telemedicine service developed by Evolutio Care Innovations Limited. With the aim of optimising the use of OCT (optical coherence tomography) machines for both professionals and patient benefit, evolutio’s network allows Optometrists to send the results, as required to a panel of experts who can then form an opinion remotely and feedback advice.

Cutting edge

Our remote clinicians have the ability to review and manipulate the OCT ‘b scans’ as if they are sat there with you and provide advice on how to manage your patient.


Fully integrated with the Nidek Duo OCT and Navis Software, reliably synchronising all OCT scan from the camera to the eGuide platform even over low bandwidth connections.

Consultant Feedback

Once the consultant has reviewed the OCT and clinical information a response can be sent back to the referring clinician, with ongoing dialogue and ‘response scoring’ until both parties are happy to discharge the case from the active system.


Evolutio is an NHS approved service operating a fully encrypted cloud based system under SoC. All data is stored with redundancy to protect against data loss and 256 bit encryption. No data is retained locally on the eGuide client applications