eCare creates peace of mind, putting you in control of your visual health.

Enabling you to access medical eye care and advice at affordable montly payments

At Evolutio we understand that personal eye care is a source of anxiety for many. That’s why we created the eCare Medical Eye Service: an affordable, medical eye care programme that puts you back in control of caring for your visual health. Thousands of people across the country trust the expertise and technology within the eCare plan, including the NHS, to maintain both their clarity of sight and peace of mind.

The eCare plan is a medical partnership between your local accredited optometrist and Evolutio’s remotely based ophthalmology care team; familiarity and expertise working together to provide both optical assessments and treatment of certain non-surgical and non-emergency eye conditions. Most importantly the eCare plan works on a timescale that’s controlled by you, removing the need for waiting lists and hospital visits, reducing the burden on the NHS.

``Without the help that yourselves kindly gave me, I think it might have been quite a long time before I could experience the quality of eyesight I now have.``

A happy eCare patient

Becoming an eCare plan member is a simple process, maintained on an ongoing basis by affordable fixed monthly or annual payments. These payments cover your visual health assessments, diagnosis and management.

Did you know that over half of all sight loss is due to preventable or treatable causes?

The eCare benefits are clear to see.

  • Fast access to a medical eye care programme local to you.
  • Reassuring, professional service at an affordable price.
  • Simple and convenient ways to pay, spreading the costs monthly.
  • Regular preventative medical eye health checks to the highest level of clinical governance.
  • Treatment focused eye care if and when visual health deteriorates.
  • The opportunity to access a consultant ophthalmologist to oversee your personal eye care.
  • The freedom to manage your eye health away from a hospital setting.
  • Continual access to the latest innovations and technology in eye health.
  • The ability to establish a regular routine of medical eye health checks, enabling early intervention if the need arises and detection of other wider health related issues.

From just £14.99 per month (0% APR)

If you would like to know more about an eCare eye plan please call us on

0203 780 7860 or email