Evolutio Covid-19 Ophthalmology Support Service & Virtual Consult

The Corona Virus pandemic has a had a significant impact across the NHS, with many Trusts requiring the utilisation of wards and clinicians to be reallocated to the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Additionally, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists has recommended that hospital eye departments reduce their clinical activity by 80-90%.


Evolutio have been working collaboratively with commissioners and hospital eye services across our NHS contract areas to actively support the safe re-direction of routine and urgent eye care patients away from the high-risk hospital setting and out into our eCare Clinical network, comprising of 7 eCare clinics and c200 independent sub-contracted providers. Such a move will, help reduce the burden of the pandemic on the health service and provide safe and efficient ongoing eye care for patients in their time of need


With the introduction of social distancing and the self-isolation of a significant cohort of ophthalmology patients, Evolutio have developed an in-house solution, the ‘eCare Virtual Consult’ platform, to allow  clinicians to remotely call, via video or voice, a list of eye care patients that are unable to be seen face to face during the CIVID-19 outbreak.


Through utilisisation of the eCare Virtual Consult platform, we have the ability to risk assess and manage large cohorts of patients with a range of eye conditions who would otherwise not be seen and at risk of potential sight loss. Our current eCare ‘virtual’ capacity is around 200 appointments per day with the capability to expand to more than 1,000. Re

Where outcomes of a virtual consultation conclude that there is a significant risk to sight, the patient can be booked immediately into one of our eCare Clinics for a face to face appointment or referred into secondary care through ERS/NHS mail, where safe and appropriate to do so.


eCare also provides our Ophthalmology Tele-Triage service to a number of CCGs, allowing patients to speak and be triaged by an eCare clinician and directed to the most appropriate pathway without requiring an initial visit to a physical premise, including eye casualty. With many hospitals now looking to close eye casualty, the eCare Tele-triage solution, in conjunction with the eCare Virtual Consult platform, is an off the shelf solution to manage a hospital’s eye care provision.


Whilst the NHS undertakes to overcome the Covid-19 event, Evolutio and eCare can provide the infrastructure, governance, support and clinical oversight to alleviate the burden of Ophthalmology Services on the NHS, allowing for vital resources to be allocated elsewhere within the healthcare system.


If you would like support in moving your eye care patients away from your local hospitals, please contact Douglas Mason on 07458 005409 or email douglas.mason@evolutio-uk.com

Supporting You and the NHS

Whilst the NHS continues to fight the coronavirus epidemic, Evolutio are supporting the NHS in key contract areas, ensuring that wards, outpatients and eye casualty services can function appropriately and patients are not put at unnecessary risk. We are currently working to deliver new eye care pathways, operating procedures and methods of consultations. Please be aware that our senior operational and clinical leads and back office resource have been diverted to support the NHS on contingency planning and as such, response times may be slower and delays may occur in some of our back office support functions.

Many thanks for your ongoing support during this time