The eCare Academy

Evolutio was founded in 2013 and is dedicated to improving the standards of eye care received by the public. Through training and developing a highly skilled optometry workforce, and empowering them with bespoke technology solutions to create a truly integrated delivery network, we strive to deliver exemplary, cutting edge eye care.

eCare is evolutio’s clinical division, entrusted to deliver exceptional clinical care to patients within our network, as well as supporting Affiliate practices and their clinicians.

Through continual professional development plans, detailed clinical audit programmes, peer to peer review sessions and robust clinical governance, eCare works with its clinicians to enable them to operate at the highest clinical standards.

We believe that supporting the eCare network with targeted education is fundamental to delivering an effective and safe eye healthcare network.

To ensure eCare Affiliate clinicians have access to high quality and practical clinical training, evolutio offer an ongoing series of topical and targeted CET accredited events, run locally for eCare Affiliates and aspirational optometrists alike.

``The ‘Dodgy discs’ meeting was one of the best lectures I have ever attended. ``

 A happy attendee, Suffolk

The Evolutio CET Programme 2017/18

We have a cycle of 5 free lectures on offer; an introductory engagement evening and a further 4 interactive lectures over a 2-year period.

Introductory Engagement Evening (2 CET points)

Synopsis: An evening for local optometrists to get to know the finer details of the local NHS services and an overview of our services:

  • evolutio – who we are and how we can help
  • Presentation by a local ophthalmologist
  • Writing referrals – good practice

Speakers: Peter Price-Taylor, Lyn Price, Christian Dutton and a local ophthalmologist

Where & When: South Gloucestershire – January 2017

OCT – Monitor or Refer? (3 CET points)

Synopsis: An intermediate-level OCT presentation looking at a variety of cases which optometrists might choose to monitor in practice, with advice on when to refer.

Speakers: Jason Higginbotham

Where & When: Wiltshire – April 2017; South Gloucestershire – April / May 2017

Dodgy Discs (3 CET points)

Synopsis: A discussion of the causes and differential diagnoses of a variety of swollen discs with referral advice.

Speakers: Mr. Simon Hardman-Lea

Where & When: Wiltshire – October 2016; South Gloucestershire – October / November 2017

Faulty Plumbing – Retinal Vascular Disease (3 CET points)

Synopsis: To provide an understanding of the various causes and presentations of retinal vascular disease with referral advice.

Speakers: Mr. Simon Hardman-Lea

Where: Suffolk – July 2017; Wiltshire – April 2018; South Gloucestershire – May 2018

Bumps in the Dark – Pigmented Lesions (3 CET points)

Synopsis: A discussion of a selection of pigmented chorio-retinal lesions with fundus images, OCT scans and advice on monitoring.

Speakers: Mr. Simon Hardman-Lea

Where: Wiltshire – October 2018; South Gloucestershire – November 2018

Meet the education team

Simon Hardman-Lea


Simon is Clinical Ophthalmology Lead for evolutio; he is an ophthalmologist with many years’ experience as a consultant in a large hospital eye department. He is lead microsurgery tutor and examiner for the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. Simon has extensive experience in teaching undergraduate and post-graduate doctors and optometrists.

At evolutio he is involved in developing optometrists both within the company and the wider community as well as communicating our unique ophthalmic data to a wide audience.

Lyn Price

BSc MCOptom

Lyn initially built an award winning and highly respected clinical practice with a specific interest in children with learning difficulties as well as lecturing extensively.  Lyn has been with evolutio since its inception and is lead to the clinical team, the clinics and the Affiliate optometrists. She has unique experience in the leadership development of and integration with multidisciplinary concepts having worked across the industry. She mentors in the development of inter-professional working to allow radical change to deliver the right care, in the right setting and in the appropriate timescale for patients with eye care needs.

Peter McElduff

BSc(Hons.) MCOptom

Peter is a Clinical Optometrist and triager based at the flagship eCare medical eye clinic in Ipswich. He has 15 years’ experience with a wide variety of employers, both independent and multiple, is current Vice-Chair of Suffolk LOC and previous CET & Social Media Lead for Derbyshire LOC. His additional responsibilities include organising the eCare Academy CET programme.

Christian Dutton

BSc(Hons.) MScClinOpt FCOptom

Christian is Professional Services Optometrist at evolutio responsible for referral triage, clinical policy development and clinical partner relations. He has held a variety of posts as a clinical, organisational & volunteer optometrist and was awarded Fellowship of the College of Optometrists in 2007 for ‘promoting good practice locally and internationally’.



Jason Higginbotham

BSc(Hons.) MCOptom FBDO

Jason is an Optometrist and Dispensing Optician with many years’ experience. He has achieved a high level of academic success as well as working in many different areas of the industry. Jason is continuing this drive by undertaking post graduate study. He runs a consultancy and training business, within which he works for Birmingham Optical as Head of Clinical Affairs specialising in highly acclaimed clinical training; he is also a member of evolutio’s clinical team.