Understanding the eCare Opportunity

Empower your patients to take control of their eye health by offering a medical eye care service within your practice that is:


Appointment times centred on your patient’s requirements


Local care readily available in a familiar setting


Effective and safe clinical governance framework


Service led by consultant ophthalmologists

Over 150 accredited eCare Affiliates are delivering in excess of 2500 appointments per month already. Join the network today!

Become an eCare affiliate

eCare look to affiliate with optical practices with an appetite to deliver outstanding levels of medical eye care as part of a highly reputable group of innovative clinicians.

Affiliate optometrists wishing to join the eCare network are working under the clinical governance of an eCare Ophthalmologist, and can therefore work within core skills.

However, eCare affiliates are encouraged to have or attain through the eCare network support, additional training such as Glaucoma Management or Independent Prescribing.

Initial accreditation is established through practice compliance assessment and face to face training during a training event held locally to your practice.

Onward clinical support is provided through eCare operated peer review and reflective case workshops along with access to a local eCare Liason .

To become an eCare practice you will need:

Glasses Store

A great looking practice

eCare is at the cutting edge of optometry, and eCare practices need to reflect the our values whilst making patients feel comfortable

Mid 20's woman having her eyes examined by senior female optometry doctor. The doctor is determining patient's diopter with phoropter apparatus.The woman has long brown hair and eyes,wearing purple t-shirt.

A clinically focused team, with a great bedside manner

eCare clinicians will go over and above with their patients, ensuring a great service is delivered every time.

Equipment for ophthalmology. Computer and optical equipment for testing eyesight in the clinic.

The latest technology

eCare have a minimum requirement for specific pieces of equipment to enable an affiliate to safely deliver our service. Requirements are measured through the completion of the on-boarding form here
asian girl with eye glasses, take a heart and plants background for Valentines day, soft focus.

Well governed

eCare must foster a culture of delivering the service safely, without unreasonable risk and with the patient’s best interest at heart


eCare Affiliates are required to operate to specified pathways, policies, and managed governance structures to ensure patient safety and consistent level of high quality care.

Ophthalmology-led, optometry delivered non-surgical, non-sight threatening, outpatient services, operating under a managed clinical governance framework utilising best practice developed over 6 years of NHS services.
Chronic disease diagnosis and monitoring through bespoke telemedicine for Ophthalmology validated clinical decision making & prescribing.
Pathways utilise the eRefer electronic shared medical record telemedicine system to ensure the reviewing clinician has access to the full diagnostic suite of examinations and notes taken to make a clinical decision.
All medically appropriate qualitative and quantitative data, including OCT imaging, are automatically transferred and centrally held, retaining full B-scan manipulation, allowing for full remote consultant oversight in real time.


Automated updates of clinical outcomes transferred through NHS integration to the patients registered GP.


Electronic transfer of records and diagnostics to a consultant should a patient require onward referral.

To ensure we deliver the eCare service safely, within our internal governance protocols, and without unreasonable risk to ourselves or patients, eCare must foster a blameless culture, focusing on the patient’s best interests and with continuous learning.


All optometrists working within an eCare pathway undergo an initial Training Needs Analysis to highlight any additional training requirements . Affiliates are encouraged to participate in our peer review cycle and may be offered placements (including IP) in our clinics with one of our consultant ophthalmologists.

Working as an eCare Optometrist


We’re always looking for new talent to join our ever growing team of clinical optometrists. Whether you are looking to work within one of our own facilities or want to set-up your own eCare practice, we would welcome you to complete our on-boarding form to begin the process of accreditation.

Becoming an eCare practice you will receive:


A new, recurring, and stable, income from new and existing patients.

Immediate access to any opportunities generated by Evolutio through NHS CCG community ophthalmology contracts

Recognition as part of a wider medical service

Access to a medically led education and training network.

Access to clinical cases previously outside of optometry

Marketing and management support to enable you to focus on your patients.

What next?


If you are interested in becoming an eCare affiliate then you can register your interest through emailing affiliate@myecare.co.uk or calling 0203 780 7860 and talking to an evolutio relationship manager.