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GP Inclusion List

If your patient’s GP is contained within the GP inclusion document then you need to refer via the Evolutio pathway if they meet the inclusion criteria

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Inclusion Criteria

Please only send referrals within the inclusion criteria (below)

Anything outside of criteria needs to be referred via the GP (unless it is an emergency in which case you should contact eye casualty).

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Local threshold policies and prior approval pathways

CCGs are increasingly implementing threshold policies and prior approval / independent funding request (IFR) pathways for particular conditions to ensure finite resources are managed to provide the population with as wide a range of healthcare interventions and to prioritise resource allocation based on evidence of the clinical effectiveness and safety of treatments, their cost effectiveness and affordability, and on which interventions provide the best health outcomes.

Where Evolutio run a referral refinement service, we are tasked with policing these policies. If a referral is outside of threshold or is not sent with an accompanying prior approval form / IFR where required by the CCG we will have to unfortunately return the referral to you.

Cataract Policy

BaNES CCG Cataract Policy

Please use the Cataract specific referral forms below, under Useful Documents.

Restricted Procedures

BaNES CCG Entropion Threshold Policy
BaNES CCG Ectropion Threshold Policy
BaNES CCG Minor Lid Surgery Threshold Policy
BaNES CCG Chalazion Threshold Policy

Useful Documents

Ophthalmology Referral Guidance

Evolutio Ophthalmology Referral Guidance Nov 17

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Optometry Referral Pro-forma

Use this our referral pro-forms to fax your referrals to Evolutio

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GP Referral Pro-forma

Referrals through ERS



Engagement presentation

Engagement Presentation

Engagement presentation

Cataract Referral Forms

BaNES Pre-op Cataract Referral Form



Cataract Post-Op Forms

BaNES Post-op Cataract Form