On-screen vision function assessment tool


eScreen enables the accurate assessment of a person’s vision function in a real world environment for corporate eye screening, school screening, and district nursing, and patient remote monitoring. eScreen is designed to offer a bank of tests, presented to the patient or person based on the configuration set by the client. This includes Visual Acuity in Log MAR, contrast sensitivity, colour perception and Amsler.

The benefits are clear to see


eScreen uses sophisticated algorithms for accurately measuring visual acuity. It can be used as a self-assessment tool or through an invigilated assessment with results shown on screen with the option of a printed hard copy for patients to take away. Included in the eScreen assessment are a number of tailored questions which investigates the patient’s vision capability and any problems that may not be presented by quantifiable outcome based assessments.


eScreen is able to be used anywhere, be it at the patients home, in a practice, school or care home.


eScreen can be used as and when is required negating the requirement for appointments and costly DNAs


eScreen can be used as an invigilated test allowing for anyone to test another person

Simple to Use

eScreen is intuitive with on-line instructions allowing you to simply work through the test

Cost Effective

eScreen is charged on a pay per click basis meaning that you can control your costs by using it as much or as little as you require

All Demographics

eScreen can be used to test all ages with the test varying dependent on age, language and reading ability

eScreen in practice



Commercial Drivers


School Screening


Home monitoring


Falls prevention